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Gamification: Exercise map

I’m back with an idea to gamify your life. (If you’ve never heard of gamification before, click here)

One thing that many people struggle with (and I am no exception) is exercising. I personally have never really liked sports, and I usually prefer sitting around with a book or playing a video game then lifting weights or running laps. I’d force myself to work out, but it was always so difficult to find the motivation.

I finally went all-out and started this new game for myself. I took several pieces of paper, taped them all together to make one massive piece that could fit on my fridge, and made a very simple board game.


Here it is on the floor since I no longer have it on my fridge 😛

2014-11-23 08.44.02

The adorable little magnet that I used… Yes it’s a Jack Frost style pony, don’t judge 🙂

Snaking its way along the map was a path split up into little sections, and I used a magnet that I had gotten as a gift as a little character that represented my progress. Every time I would work out, I’d move my pawn forward. Simple as that. Having that visual was enough to get me excited to run to the gym – I wanted to get to the end of the board!

While originally I had this giant map up on my fridge, this can be a much simpler project too. When I moved into a new apartment (and no longer lived alone), I had at that point finished my giant board and was ready to start a new one. I didn’t want to take over the fridge again, though, so this time I created a much smaller version of the next board and hung it on the mirror in my room. This is the one I’m still going through right now, and I already look forward to drawing the next board!


Creating the character pawn for this was even simpler than a magnet… A simple drawing on a piece of paper/cardstock and some sticky tack and voila!


Trying to replicate my little pony magnet


Sticky tack can still be quite useful… and so easy to use!

2014-11-23 08.25.24


I made a few rules for myself that you could alter however you like. With a normal 30-minutes-ish cardio routine I moved a space. I liked doing some lighter floor exercises as well – two of those would get me a space. If I went out and played tennis for an hour or more with friends, I’d get two spaces… You get the idea.

As further incentive, I also instituted a bit of a reward system, making little presents and scattering them throughout the board. Once I reached one, I could reward myself! They wouldn’t be anything too major – maybe a bubble bath or a new book. If I saw things at the store that I wanted but didn’t have any urgent need for (movies, video games, books, puzzles, etc), I would sometimes get them, wrap them up, and then keep them in my closet until I reached my goal on my exercise map. Then I could pick something up and unwrap it – so fun!


More cardstock and sticky tack will do the trick!

2014-11-23 08.25.59

Prizes make the journey that much more exciting!

2014-11-23 08.26.18

Here’s the point I’m at now. Making my way to the top!

Creating a game like this can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. Everything I used is made out of computer paper, cardstock and markers, and I hang everything up with tape, magnets or sticky tack. I’d strongly recommend trying this out if you’re struggling to find motivation for something! I have many other ideas for a variety of other chores and goals that I look forward to sharing.

The wonderful world of Gamification!

Today I’m kicking off what I’m planning will be a major part of this blog: gamification. I have a passion – maybe even an obsession – of finding ways to turn all sorts of less-than-fun aspects of my life into a game. I call it the Mary Poppins method… “In every job that must get done, there is a little bit of fun. Find the fun and –snap! – the job’s a game.” I just find that it adds a bit of spice to life and helps motivate me to get stuff done! (If anyone’s interested, I touched upon this topic in an old video I made and gave some examples!)

There are tons of ways to gamify your life, such as the many desktop or mobile apps out there, and I will be sharing some of my favorites. But I also really like making up my own games, actually using paper and pencil instead of storing it all in my phone. It’s way easier than you might think!

I’d like to use this page as a hub to all of the gamification blog posts I make – I hope to make an ever-growing library of ideas and inspiration to help you achieve your goals! If you have any ideas or suggestions of your own, or if there’s a particular chore or goal that you would like an idea for, please let me know! I’d love to try and come up with a ton more.


Exercise map

Struggling to find the motivation to exercise? Try out this adorable board game to keep you on track!

Pokemon at work

2014-07-25 11.42.24
I’ve used this one at work but it’s extremely versatile, perfect for bringing out your nerdy side. Get tasks done and catch ’em all!


Fuzzy summer adventures: Part 2

We had an extra roomate for a couple of months this past summer… meet miss Bunnie!


In case you don’t follow her already (and you should!), this fluffy ball of cuteness belongs to blogger/Youtuber/good friend of mine, Miss Louie! When we made a trip up to Austin in July, we came back with a familiar friend. ☺

I’d kept Bunnie at my place before, but never quite for as long, and we really enjoyed having her around. It wasn’t for ever though – our reasoning was that we’d take the rabbit off of Erica’s hands for those last weeks of planning her wedding, and it would give me and the boyfriend a test drive for having a pet.


Our location for the little bunny pent house.


Relaxing after a long day of exploring!


Rabbits cleaning themselves are just about the cutest thing in existence.


Oh? Is that carrot for me?




Happy bunny chomping away~

Now that the wedding is past (which was my first wedding, and I was a bridesmaid – such an honor!), our time with Bunnie drew to a close and we brought her back to her real parents last month. We definitely miss her, she was such a joy!


By the way, I wasn’t able to take many pictures myself since I didn’t have my phone on me, but being a part of Erica’s wedding was absolutely amazing, the ceremony was beautiful and that entire day was so fun and magical. A big congratulations to her and Jeremy, I’m so happy for them and excited for their new chapter!