Fitness Fun #1: Blogilates

I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite tips and resources for working out – a new series I shall call “Fitness Fun”! Today I just wanted to make a quick post about one of my most favorite fitness sites out there: Blogilates.


If you do pilates or are at all interested in them, I strongly recommend Cassey Ho’s site. She’s an active blogger and Youtuber who regularly posts work-out videos and vlogs, and I enjoy everything she produces!

Here’s why I love her stuff so much:

  • The workouts are easy to follow. I was a complete newbie when I started watching these videos, I’d never done pilates in my life. Cassey has some really great beginner’s videos to help you understand the basics, and almost all of her videos walk you through an entire workout. She doesn’t show you to do a move and then say “okay now do that five times” – she does the workout with you from start to finish.
  • Cassey has a great, infectious attitude. While some might by a little turned off by her over-exuberance, I personally love it. She has such a passion for what she does and I find her excitement contagious. Makes me look forward to a workout with her!
  • The workout calendars are wonderful. This is a HUGE one. The way I discovered Blogilates is by looking for a new work-out calendar, and Cassey’s are just top-notch. She has Monthly printable calendars (that you get access to by signing up to her newsletter for free – I did not regret doing this), with recommended work-out videos for every single day that you can check off. She then has a couple of month-long calendars for Beginners, and she’s recently been creating “Challenge” calendars that have much simpler daily exercises than her regular Monthly calendars, focusing on one area of the body at a time. While I haven’t jumped in on a regular Monthly calendar myself yet, I’ve done her original Beginner’s calendar and am working on some of the Challenge calendars, and I absolutely love them. I love schedules and checklists, and her printables are so pretty and fun to fill out.
  • It goes beyond pilates – Cassey has great inspiration for healthy eating and overall wellness. You really get to know her by watching her videos, she has some great vlogs that are both fun and inspiring. Other than the actual exercise videos, I think my favorite thing about her site are all the recipes. Lots of great ideas and inspiration, and I’ve tried several of her recipes that take a normally unhealthy meal (like a hamburger or mac and cheese), and makes it better for you. There’s a lot of fun content on the site.
  • Her products look great. Cassey has a lot of stuff going on – a athletic clothing line, a book, yoga mats, water bottles, calendars, planners… Now I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually bought any of her stuff, so I can’t really do a product review. But I’ve definitely been tempted – especially with the planners. I love the aesthetic of all her stuff; they’re so colorful and bright.

So yeah… check out her stuff at and

For the record, I’m not being asked to make this post/getting paid to do it or anything. I just want to share my favorite resources with the world, and Blogilates is one of them!

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