Fun Fitness #3: The Walk

I’ve already blogged about Zombies, Run!, which is a great app if you’re interested in – you guessed it – running. But I’ll be honest, as much as I love the app in concept, I haven’t actually used it all that much since I’m not the biggest fan of running. So today’s app is actually way more up my alley. It’s by the same company Six to Start, and the title is just as self explanatory… The Walk. Prepare for some more gamification coming your way!

gaming-the-walk-fitness-app-1 2

The Walk is another pedometer disguised as a game, an audio adventure to help you stay motivated in your fitness endeavors. In the story, you are the star of a thriller involving secret agents and terrorist plots. Unlike Zombies, Run!, you don’t listen continuously to audio here. Instead, you “unlock” the next bit of story the more you walk. For each chapter, the app has a little map so that you can see your progression through the chapter, and as you walk, your icon moves forward along the path. Several points along the path will unlock the next bit of audio so that the story continues, or you’ll come across different items that add to the story. The longer you walk, the more you progress, until you complete the chapter!

The only “downside” to this is that you’re not really forced to do one long walk and complete the chapter all in one go, which ruins the immersion a little bit. You could very well just take your phone around with you all day, get all of the audio clips and complete the chapter without doing anything else, and then listen to all the clips in bulk while you’re not actually walking. The story works much better if you’re walking while you listen.

However, this is not much of a complaint, because nothing is stopping you from doing the walk “properly” and listening to the audio as you go. There are some incentives to do this too – you get bonus badges for a completing a chapter in 24 hours, and completing it without any 3-hour periods of inactivity. And everything depends on the user – if you don’t mind getting the audio clips as a reward for your steps throughout the day, instead of using the app as an immersive experience all the way through, that’s entirely up to you!

Overall, I love this app even more than Zombies, Run! because I actually use it. I just finished Chapter 6 and can’t wait to see what happens next. So go check it out – anyone who can walk can benefit from this game. I strongly recommend it!

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