I’m back with a new vlogging channel! + 2015 Goals: September

WHOA long time no see! What a crazy summer it’s been. Since I’ve last posted on this blog I’ve bought a house, moved out of the apartment and into said house, gotten engaged to the one I bought said house with… started a new Youtube channel… didn’t have internet for several weeks… did I get everything?

But now I’m back and ready to write again! If you’re curious as to what all I’ve been up to, you can check out my new vlogging channel here. I’ve been really loving this new pastime, and being able to film, edit and upload everything from my phone has made the process SO easy and fun. Like this blog, I don’t expect for my audience to be much more than family and friends, but even just making these videos for myself is making me happy so I hope to continue for a long while yet.

So now, on to the purpose of this blog! Took a bit of a break from the monthly goals for due to the big move and whatnot, but I’m really excited to start this all up again. I really don’t have too much to report on the last goals I made (July) since they were only little goals and I didn’t have much time to really focus on them. So let’s start fresh and jump right into September!! If you’d rather see this discussion in video form, here it is first:

And now here are the goals, this time just broken up into a simple list form.

1. Exercise
– Swimming up until the pool closes next week
– Research/experiment with yoga
– Wear FitBit every day

2. Meditate
– Month of meditation
– Find an acupuncturist
– Yoga also plays into this

3. New habits
Wake up – make bed
Get home – put shoes away, clean lunch containers
Have a meal – do dishes
Store meal – label them (put masking tape/writing utensil by fridge)
Change clothes – put them away (have hampers/baskets everywhere)

Let’s do this!!!!

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