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2015 Goals: October

Last month flew by, but I’ve been feeling good and attentive and am ready to head into fall! As a side note, I’ve taken a bit more of a liking to Instagram! I’m looking forward to posting things such as healthy meals/snack ideas, home/Halloween decorations, posts around meditation or exercising, and updates all of the goals that I’m working on. If you’re interested, follow me at derudesu!

Here’s my video where I talk about how I did on September goals and what I’m planning for October goals.

1. Tadoku
– Read at least 1 manga per week
– Read SOMETHING (even if it’s small!) every single day
– Don’t forget to track pages read on the Tadoku app

2. 31 Days of Mindfulness
– Watch the daily videos of the summit
– Participate in the daily/weekly challenges
– Continue to meditate every day

3. Cleaning/unpacking
– First few days: Guest room
– Week 1: Office
– Week 2: Storage room
– Week 3: Loft
– Week 4: Overall assessment

Let’s do this!!!!