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2015 Goals: October

Last month flew by, but I’ve been feeling good and attentive and am ready to head into fall! As a side note, I’ve taken a bit more of a liking to Instagram! I’m looking forward to posting things such as healthy meals/snack ideas, home/Halloween decorations, posts around meditation or exercising, and updates all of the goals that I’m working on. If you’re interested, follow me at derudesu!

Here’s my video where I talk about how I did on September goals and what I’m planning for October goals.

1. Tadoku
– Read at least 1 manga per week
– Read SOMETHING (even if it’s small!) every single day
– Don’t forget to track pages read on the Tadoku app

2. 31 Days of Mindfulness
– Watch the daily videos of the summit
– Participate in the daily/weekly challenges
– Continue to meditate every day

3. Cleaning/unpacking
– First few days: Guest room
– Week 1: Office
– Week 2: Storage room
– Week 3: Loft
– Week 4: Overall assessment

Let’s do this!!!!

Monthly Goals 2015: May

It’s been a fairly busy month and May will only be MORE busy and crazy!! (Case in point, I’m a couple of days late posting this…) Having said that, I’m pretty happy with how my April goals went.

April Goals Recap

  1. Fitness – Blogilates Thigh Slimming challenge and Sleek Arms challenge. Meeting Cassey from Blogilates a couple of weeks ago was a huge motivator! I did alright on this – like last month, there were a couple of days here and there where I missed the exercise and had to double up the next day. It happened once while traveling and a few times towards the end of the month when I wasn’t feeling well. At least I’m not really forgetting to do them anymore, it’s just not always easy to find the time or energy is all. All in all, I’m fairly happy with how it went!
  2. Cleaning – Tidying dishes every day, different room every week, and conceptualizing a filing system. There were successes and failures here… Dishes were cleaned up MOST days. Again, it’s less and less of an issue of forgetting and more of an issue of being too busy and tired to clean everything to perfection every night. Did pretty well on focusing on one room at a time – I do like that system quite a bit and will continue to utilize it I think. Finally, I’ve made a huge dent in the new filing system but alas, I ran out of time! At this point, all of the papers in our apartment has been gathered, looked through, sorted, purged… But I still haven’t actually put things in folders and stowed away in a centralized location that I can maintain. So it’s been a hit or miss but did OK overall.
  3. Gardening – Like I’d hoped, we have now set up a little herb garden on our balcony! We ended up getting this hanging burlap bag that has multiple pockets and packets of different types of seeds. Most of the work went into the set up – putting soil in all the pockets and planting the seeds. Then all we needed to do was check on them every day and water them as needed. Ross helped me out a lot on this one and I’m excited with the results – we have tiny sprouts in all of the pockets. Nothing will be ready to eat for a while yet, but so far this is fun!
  4. 2015-05-03 08.17.17Japanese – Watching daily Japanese videos and completing daily flash card reps. As far as the videos go I did fine. I think I may have missed one day (and watched quite a bit extra the next day to try and make up for it). But the part I’m especially happy about is the flashcards. I did not miss a SINGLE day! I’m sooo proud of myself – it’s very exhilarating! This is the one activity that I can pretty much do whenever I like as long as I’m near my phone or computer so it’s been very doable. In case you’re curious, I’m currently going through this deck on Anki called “JLPT4” vocal with 15 new words a day. I realized the new words show up in alphabetical order, so I printed out a hiragana chart and have been crossing off the character whenever I get to all the words for that character, which has been extra motivation (see below!) In all honesty, since this is only Level 4 I’m actually familiar with the majority of the vocab, even if I’m rusty on the kanji, but I think it’s still good practice nonetheless. At my current rate I’ll finish all 1121 flash cards around June 7th, and then I’ll eventually get to Levels 3, 2 and 1!

2015-04-30 15.29.11

That was then… this is now. Let me introduce you to my goals for May! I actually debated actually making goals this month just because this month will probably be particularly busy (see goal #4)… I’ve also been feeling a little burnt out lately, between my everyday to-do’s and my goals to-do’s I feel like I have so much to get done every day. So I’m trying to keep them fairly light and see how that goes!

May Goals

  1. Fitness/Gamification – I was really hoping to do the next Blogilates fitness challenge since I’m finally caught up… but there is no new one this month! I was so sad when I saw that. Though I understand there’s only so many body parts to focus on, and it’s probably better to cycle through them. Anyway, I’ve decided to take a break from the calendars just for now. Instead, I have a couple of other little fitness goals I’d like to tack on this month! One involves the app Walkr (I’ll blog about how it works next week), I’d like to complete at least one Chapter on the app every week. And then, I just brought a fitness ball to my office and I’d like to try transitioning to that instead of my office chair. I’ve heard it can help strengthen your core and back, so I thought I’d give it a try! I’d like to slowly ease into it, giving myself this month to get used to it. I already have a fun gamification idea to help me stay motivated in that regard, so I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that as well. Also – this isn’t really a goal, but I now have a Fitbit!! I’m really excited to play around with it and see how it can help me.
  2. Japanese – I feel so great about how this went last month that I’d like to do the exact same thing once more! Daily flash card reps (which will start getting tougher the longer I go as I have more and more reps every day), and some kind of Japanese video every day. June will involve a bigger Japanese focus so I’ll keep it to just these two for now.
  3. Housework – I’m starting to feel like this one’s a bit of a cop-out… I’m never going to completely stop cleaning after all. But I’d like to stay on track and keep building some habits here. For one, I’ll keep focusing on a different room every week. Second, I’d like to take another stab at figuring out the filing system that I started last month. Third, I need to continue watering the plants every day since they seem to be doing well. Finally, the one new focus this months is clothing… I tend to leave things lying around. Things like leaving shoes by the front door instead of stowing them in the shoe rack, leaving socks on the bathroom floor or jackets on the couch, and neatly folding up all of the laundry only to neglect to actually put things away in drawers. In the past I’ve tried forcing myself to clean up every day and have struggled, so I’ll try committing to every other day and see how that goes. Better than nothing!
  4. BIG PROJECTS – I feel like I need to write this down, even if I’m not planning on sharing too much and it’s hard to form definite goals out of this. But May could potentially be a big month for me. For one, one of my best friends is getting married next month and I have the privilege of being her maid of honor. Things have been going pretty smoothly thus far and she is by no means a bridezilla so it’s been really great. But there’s still some stuff I’d like to really focus on this month concerning the wedding and bachelorette. The other big project is for my own future… nothing’s set in stone, but we plan to start some house hunting and who knows where that will take us. Definitely exciting stuff, but also potentially exhausting. So it’s a big goal of mine to dedicate myself to these projects and make sure I don’t get too overwhelmed with them. I’d like to have as much fun with it as I can!
So there we have it~ I’m looking forward to the sunshine that we’ve started getting, it really helps with my mood and motivation 🙂

Tadoku time!

久しぶりだな〜! It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Tadoku but it feels good to get back into reading Japanese 🙂 2014-08-19 06.46.16

If you’re not familiar with Tadoku, it’s a reading contest on Twitter where you aim to read as much in the language you’re learning as you can. Find out more here – if you’re learning a language, check it out! It’s fun and a great motivator.

I’ve finished my first weekend of Tadoku and am hanging in there (despite having a hard time finding the time to read… such is life!) Here are some methods I’m employing for this round, wanted to share!

  • Every morning I read *something* in Japanese. Usually just a few pages of manga but it doesn’t matter what – just read something! Helps set up the rest of the day for success.
  • Even when I’m not reading Japanese, I’m still trying to stay immersed whenever I can. A new method is: replacing English audiobooks, not just with Japanese audio books… but the audio from my favorite Japanese dramas. I think I’ll be exploring this tactic further in the future, I’m liking it so far!
  • So far I’ve mostly been reading manga but have also been reading subtitles for dramas/movies and have dabbled a little bit in computer games (now that I’ve found out how to change certain Steam games to Japanese!)

Here’s hoping I keep going strong! Good luck to anyone participating, and if you’re not, I hope you look into it 🙂 Happy learning~